Why we Love to Walk the Malvern Hills

….. There are plenty of places to walk in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, but today we wanted to share a little of a specific location in Worcestershire that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Let’s look at some beautiful reasons to

Walk the Malvern Hills

bnb-10-gorgeous-reasons-to-walk-the-malvern-hills Take in some of the gorgeous views shared by many a visitor to the Malvern Hills

1. Fresh Spring Water!

2. British Camp

3. Incredible Morning Views

4. Coffee Shops along the way

Morning coffee with a view 👌🏻 so beautiful and peaceful 🌞 #malvernhills #malvernhillshotel

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5. Incredible views to the sunset

6. Worcestershire Beacon

Quick run up the malvern hills #lolyeahrightjk #malvernhills #beacon #springerspaniel

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7. Roaming animals (mainly fenced !)

#pandamoo #malvernhills

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8. The hills create lots of mist, which creates some fantastic scenery

Such a weird evening. There were random patches of mist that randomly stopped half way across a field. Was this happening anywhere else this evening?

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9. Perfect for four legged friends

10. St Anns Well cafe – completely vegetarian and vegan cuisine in a unique location

Went to see #stannswell in Malvern with mum for the first time. #water #well #quaint

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