A Brief History of Martley Worcestershire

Martley Worcestershire

A long history for a small village…..

Our little village of Martley has a very long history, it’s first settlement roots dating back to before Domesday, which is incredible and diffcult to imagine that the village that we see and enjoy today has been shaped over many, many years. Surprisingly, Martley hasn’t changed much in size over the years. A parish Census dated 1881, set the population at 1,093. An update in 1901 showed 1,050 and by 1960 it had dropped slightly to 950 residents. Today there is estimated to be around 1200 residents, which is slowly growing as the village expands. We’re lucky to be a very rural area, with fields and views and rivers, woodland and farms as far as the eye can see. The surrounding area is mainly scattered farms, and cider orchards. Plus of course the central part of the village where we have a pub, The Crown, and shop with Post Office and garage attached. The garage has attended pumps during the week.

Back to the past….

Geology in Martley is well known and studied in the High School in the Village – The Chantry (takes around 700 pupils from the local and surrounding areas). A walk from The Bothy, Martley Worcestershire to the River Teme takes around 10-15 minutes, as you walk down the approach to the River, a board showing the same view you see before you shares a past view. Amazingly it details the rocks and formations and shapes of the river and terrain you’ve just walked, with dates and details of ancient times and how it would have looked, plus what creatures would have been found there – many dinosaurs roamed and their history is detailed on this board. There are also several geological walks you can follow around Martley countryside, discovering rocks and formations and learning how the outcrops of red rock (sandstone) that are common within Martley (The Nubbins is accessible, and Scar Cottage sits on the scar through the red sandstone rock, you pass this cottage and drive along the road that was cut through this red sandstone rock to get to The Bothy with Stayable)

St Peters Church…..

St Peters Church is said to have been made from the local red sandstone rock, and is a beautiful building. It houses ancient wall paintings and it’s turret clock dated 1680 is now in London’s Science Museum! It’s on a beautiful, rural lane and over looks a water meadow. Read more about the church here.

For now….

As well as the shop, PO, pub and garage, Martley has a Village Hall and playing fields, with a local cricket team, football and more. Sport Martley has a gym and climbing wall, tennis, badminton and plenty more. Martley is just 10 minutes drive to Worcester centre and 50 minutes drive from Birmingham Airport and 1.5 hours drive from Bristol Airport. Martley even has it’s own Radio Station – Longside Radio!  

In short an overview of Martley Village in double quick time….

So there you have a very quick past and present, main features overview of Martley Village! Coach House Country Stays is just on the edge of the village, about 10 mins walk. In my words, it’s beautiful, peaceful and it’s our forever home. There’s a sense of community around the village hall where many groups meet and socialise and a mini buzz around the local shop as people go about their day to day dropping in and out. We can’t believe quite how lucky we were to find this village in which to live and enjoy and bring up our family. And of course to share it with you as a visitor. We are constantly finding new and evermore beautiful locations and walks all so close by, there’s so much nature and beauty to enjoy here. Yet you can be in Worcester in no time or catch a train to Birmingham centre in about 35 minutes. Every car journey out, we marvel at how every direction we take there’s a new and breathtaking view to enjoy. Every walk out we see something we hadn’t noticed before. And every picnic a new spot to sit. Enjoy a stay in this lovely Worcestershire Village at our little haven for two – The Bothy, read more here
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