Papa’s Caffe Worcester and A day in the Centre….

Trying on clothes, wandering round bookshops, enjoying looking at the old and beautiful buildings that Worcester is based on, found us looking for refreshment. Coffee and Cake were needed, and fast! We’d just walked along the gorgeous Friar Street, Worcester (Known as the hidden quarter, as it’s behind the main pedestrianised high street that seems to symbolise the centre) and continued on to New Street, when we stumbled across Papa’s Caffe Worcester. And not a minute too soon, the caffeine and sitting down craving was getting full on. So we went through the usual checks you go through when assessing somewhere new (especially on a rare day out with husband and without kids!!). You want to choose somewhere Great, not mediocre, to spend your valuable break. Check 1 – Looks lovely from the outside, in a gorgeous old building, part of Worcester’s history, to boot! Check 2 – People already in there look happy and relaxed – good start. Check 3 – Nicely done out. Check 4 – Nice A-board and a great name, with friendly feel to the way the wording was written (and FREE WIFI-yes these people are really with it!) Check 5 – Good stuff on the board and good prices too. (we can see through the very large windows) Huuuuge  bonuses as we go in.

Smiley and welcoming people working there

. It looks independent, not one of the huge chains, or owned by one of them. And later. Nice clean toilets. I absolutely always believe this area is a complete reflection of how much an establishment cares about it’s customers and staff. Job well done here. All these checks are completed in seconds,

great first impression I don’t think anyone looking for a coffee in Worcester could walk by without giving this a go based on the above criteria!!

So we sat down and enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous and absolutely mahoosive cake. I don’t remember the name it was a very lovely sounding French name, check out the photos though. If you’re thinking of going in and trying one for yourself, you can’t miss it, it definitely stands out from the rest! Plus very nice quality coffee. Cappuccino for Stuart and a large Americano for me.

The decor was fabulous, very boutique feel, without being overly trying.

Just a great experience, hit everything we look for in a place to sit and enjoy time with a loved one or friends (see above criteria!)

They really embraced customer care. Great local business in Worcester. Highly recommend!

Can’t wait for our next visit, and this time I can’t wait to try more from the menu. Lunch time visit here we come!