St Peters Church Martley


The Church, St Peters, here in the Village of Martley is truly ancient and a real view of the past.

  It’s in a great position overlooking the meadow and fields beyond, which gives you a real sense of the agricultural area that Martley is a part of and the start of several walks you could take, not too taxing and quiet roads. The grounds are beautifully kept and some of the more elaborate graves are named with some of the gentry and founders of Martley such as the Nash family.
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The building itself is home to some truly ancient and markers of the past. Including paintings on the walls of the Chancel a ‘Stoning and Roses’ pattern, very delicately and carefully detailed, with a stemmed flower in each ‘brick’ The ‘bricks’ themselves being part of the painting.

It dates back to the 14th Century, incredibly, and shows the Virgin Mary with bare feet and a fine running stag, amongst other animals.

Martley Tower has 12 ringers, who meet to practise on a Friday evenings from 7.45pm if you wanted to really hear the church come to life!

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