Edward Elgar, one of Englands finest composers, was born in Lower Broadheath.  A small, pretty village, just outside Worcester in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside.

  And just a 5-7 minute drive from The Bothy, or 10 mins drive from our Worcester Centre Apartments, where you can enjoy Elgar Country in your own unique place in the country.

Englands Musical Heritage

A wealth of musical heritage was created in a small, humble cottage on the outskirts of this small village. Some of his masterpieces – Salut d’amour, the Pomp & Circumstance Marches, to name but a few, all created in this tiny cottage.

Visit The Elgar Birthplace Museum to learn more about the life and works of our very own great composer. The Museum has a large collection of his manuscripts, concert programmes, letters and photographs that bring the man behind the music to life.

“I am still at heart the dreamy child who used to be found in the reeds by Severn side with a sheet of paper trying to fix the sounds & longing for something very great…” (Excert from a letter from Elgar to Sidney Colvin 13th December 1921)

A Fascinating trip back in time

I absolutely loved this fascinating trip back in time. The letters and diary excerts that are so absent from our lives today, show a complete history of the life and times of Elgar, his friends and family and his beloved wife. Elgars wife’s diary so clearly shares the day to day, even down to shopping lists and recipes you can’t help but compare the times to today. The cottage itself, where Elgar lived and worked is so pretty. So adequately sized and perfectly gardened, it’s idyllic yet almost unbelievable that such greatness came from such an ordinary looking place. I’d definitely recommend a visit, you could easily while away an entire morning poring over the life once lived, shared in paper.

When to go

Open all year round from early February to late December (check before you plan to visit atwww.elgarmuseum.org) Easy and free to park. Admission prices apply. Check events, often something going on. Next event is 1st March 2015 with a concert by the students of Worcestershire Schools. Really enjoyed by Elaine at www.Stayable.online